Hello, Meditator!¬† ūüėä

Thank you for being a listener of the show! Whether you are a new listener, or a long term one, if you have found yourself to this page then you are curious about what may be available to you if you dive a little deeper… or broader….

Curious, open, divers are my tribe!!!  WELCOME!!

Here are my current offerings – including TWO ways we can work more closely together…


Private Sessions

Limited calendar availability. Please check the booking calendar FIRST to ensure there are times that you can make work for you.

New Client Package 

$247 – Includes TWO (2) private video sessions and custom meditations with Chel

  • Our first session typically runs 40-45 minutes
  • We will schedule our second session for 7-10 days after the first. During the second (and any further ongoing) sessions we typically meet for 30-35 minutes
  • We meet via Google Hangouts
  • I will record (audio only) the meditation portion of our session and send you the MP3 file so you can re-listen as often as you like

BOOK YOUR FIRST SESSION NOW   (during our first meeting we will schedule our second time together)

(NOTE: Further ongoing sessions are available by request.)


VIP Membership Minis

Get all the calm with none of the distractions – no ads, no intros, no outros, and no extra “chat” – when you go VIP for $12 a month.

Easy access right where you listen most already‚Ķ Apple, Pocket Casts, Castbox, Podcast Addict (and more)‚Ķ and you are good to go. (One bummer is it doesn’t work with Spotify.)

Become a VIP, get it all right now today and directly support the show.

Best of all? You can  join for FREE for 7 days!

 I WANT AD FREE VIP MINIS NOW  <<<  Take your VIP Minis for a test drive now  

Want some more information about the VIP membership first? CLICK HERE


Morning Meditation Minis

Join me each week for a topic-specific journey designed to support you in taking your mindfulness and meditation practice to the next level. Clear out unproductive mind patterns and replace them with powerful, positive thoughts instead.

Monday: Guided Meditation
Tuesday: Journaling Prompts
Wednesday: Guided Meditation
Thursday: Short Contemplation Meditation

Friday, Saturday, Sunday? Relax, or Repeat Рas you wish! 

Cost? Totally FREE!

To get all 3 weekly episodes follow on Spotify or subscribe on your favorite podcast player today.

Morning Meditation Minis – the best place to start (or restart) your day!

Visit the website to listen now, subscribe, or learn more  >>>  Morning Meditation Minis