FREE EVENTS [Starts Monday!]

I wanted to ensure you had opportunity to save your seat for one, or both, of these upcoming free online events I am presenting in – hence this short message. Get all the details, and links to your FREE PASSES at Podbean’s Podcast Wellness Week runs Mon Nov 30 – Fri Dec 4th and […]

Connecting Love Over Distances

Feeling all the feels of being intertwined and totally connected with those we love – no matter how far the distances may be. That’s what this meditation brings us into the space of… This episode is brought to you by the best clean products I have found to help keep me healthy and maintain my […]

Negativity Blocker Meditation

How would it feel to have a “super power” that allows you to be more and more blocked to the negative stuff that comes at you in life. This meditation speaks to your subconscious mind to help you become more and more blocked to the negative, and open to the positive in life.  Listen to […]

Sweeter Sleep [extended mini]

A special 20 minute “extended mini” to deeply relax, nap with, or fall asleep to… There’s an intro, but no outro. Instead the track just slowly fades away. Mixed with ambient sounds of fans, distant ocean rhythms, and even the ever so slight sound of people talking in the far, far distance from time to […]

Ben’s Healing Orb Meditation

Ben and his little brother sometimes join their mom in listening to the Meditation Minis. Ben recently started making his own short meditations and sharing them with his mom. His mom shared this one with me, and I loved it so much I asked her permission to share it on the show. Join me in […]

Drain Away Negativity and Step Into Awesome You

Let go of tension, fears, anger, and negativity. Let it run down the morning drain. Then step into the awesome, amazing, human you are with joy, light, and love! This episode is brought to you by Acorn.TV – Get a FREE MONTH of totally binge-able shows from Britain, Australia, Canada, and more! Visit http://Acorn.TV and […]

Healthier Eating [from the archives]

Back by repeated listener request! Get relaxed, let go of past mistakes, and get energized to make better choices around food and drinks moving forward. Choosing the kinds of food in the amounts you know make you feel good now and later too. This is not about weight (but it can help with that too) […]

Melt Away Tension, Anger and Irritation

Feeling stressed, angry, unsure, or tense? Melt it away into a place of inner peacefulness with this week’s meditation. This week is brought to you by Orgain, Get 20% off (or even more when you subscribe) at today Listen to this Episode Now: (00:11:59) Subscribe on AppleGoogle PodcastsPlayer EmbedShare Leave a ReviewListen in a […]

Rain of Relaxation

Starting from the top of our heads… relaxing… letting go of tension, worries, and stress. Letting the water of the rain, or the spray of the shower, relax us away… Listen to this Episode Now: (00:09:15) Subscribe on AppleGoogle PodcastsPlayer EmbedShare Leave a ReviewListen in a New WindowDownloadSoundCloudStitcherSubscribe on AndroidSubscribe via RSSFollow on Spotify

Mellow Movement Meditation

Creating a little movement with the breath leads to flow, centeredness, and feeling very chill. If you are someplace where moving your arms while listening would seem weird or awkward you can totally do this movement meditation by moving your hands, or fingers, or even your toes! That said… for the full effect try it […]