Creating More Connection

Get a sample of Chel’s new Morning Meditation Minis show when you dive into this week’s “regular” minis show. This meditation is all about exploring what connection means to you, and making space for you to come up with some ideas of actions you might take to create even deeper, more consistent connections in your […]

Tension and Frustration Release

You can do this meditation sitting or standing, eyes open or eyes closed – but no matter how you do it be ready to move/stretch/wiggle your body (a bit) and breath! The perfect irritation and frustration release meditation for physical, emotional and/or mental tension. This episode is brought to you with love from both Chel […]

Deep Softening Calm

Once you have done this calming practice a few times you will find it becomes a tool you can access within a few moments of even your most stress-filled, anxious moments or days. Enjoy! This episode is brought to you with love from both Chel and Skillshare. Get 2 MONTHS of PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP while you […]

Special [SHORT] Message from Chel

A quick message from me to you letting you know what’s been up with the long pause between uploading new episodes for the past month and a half… Listen to this Episode Now: (00:02:31) Subscribe on AppleGoogle PodcastsPlayer EmbedShare Leave a ReviewListen in a New WindowDownloadSoundCloudStitcherSubscribe on AndroidSubscribe via RSSFollow on Spotify

Calm in the Eye of the Storm [REBOOTED]

Back from the archives by listener requested. Rebooted and remastered. The imagery in this meditation will support you in learning how you can be the calm space in any of life’s storms – whether the storm be in the world around you, or in your own inner thoughts and feelings. Listen to this Episode Now: […]

Dreaming Into Being

Human history is full of examples of “impossibilities” becoming reality. What is the BIG DREAM you have your yourself? What is the BIG DREAM you have for those you care for? What is the BIG DREAM you have for the world? Enter into the place of dreaming a new being for you, those your care […]

Releasing Fire for Greater Inner Strength

No matter how big or small the things are we are moving to create in the world when we come from a place of Unwavering Inner Centeredness we are POWERFUL. This practice guides you in releasing any anger, frustration, or self righteousness that may be in the way of you claiming the total depth of […]

Waterfall Pool of a New You

Relax into transformation with this meditation. Let the forest, waterfall, and a relaxing pool of water help you release stress and doubts. (It can even help with transforming your body to let go of excess weight if you imagine it while in the waterfall pool.) Emerge renewed as a new you with this special guided […]

Calming Anxiety in Anxious Times

I used to get panic attacks. It’s been over a decade since I have had one. But with us starting to venture forth from our homes I have had those old anxious feelings being to flare up. This episode shares some of the practice, and thought cultivations, I do to help keep me calm in […]

Breathing Into “What Is”

The ability to be fully present in the moment – no matter what our thoughts and feelings may be – is powerful and life changing. Breathing into “what is” while staying calm and centered will support you in growing your inner strength, calm, and happiness. Listen to this Episode Now: (00:09:15) Subscribe on AppleGoogle PodcastsPlayer […]